Last Updated: 1:28 am (8/13)

Clay Targets Program

Universities with Division and number of registered participants

Univ Name (Abbr) Division Number of Registered Participants
Aggie Trap Club (AGGIE)45
Arizona State University Shooting Sports (ARIZST)214
Arkansas State University Trap and Skeet (ARKST)37
Army West Point Skeet and Trap Team (AWP)310
Auburn University Clay Shooting Club (AUBURN)47
Bethel University Trap and Skeet (BU)121
Clemson Shotgun Sports (CU)213
Concordia Trap and Skeet Team (CONCOR)217
Connors State College Shotgun Shooting Sports Club (CONSTC)415
CSU Shotgun Sports Club (COLOST)214
CU Rod & Gun Club (CUROD)48
Doane University Shotgun Sports Program (DOANE)310
Drury University Trap and Skeet (DRURY)-1
Eastern Oregon University Trapshooting Team (EOREUN)37
Emmanuel College Clay Target Team (EC)38
Florida State University Skeet and Trap Club (FSU)35
Fort Hays State University Trap and Skeet (FHSU)215
Fresno State Shooting Team (FRESNO)39
George Mason University Trap and Skeet (GMU)35
Georgia College Clay Target Club (GACOL)310
Grand View University Trap and Skeet (GRANDV)310
Hastings College Shooting Club (HAST)38
Hawkeye Community College Redtails (HAWKCC)45
Hillsdale College Shotgun Team (HILL)310
Hiwassee College Trap and Skeet (HIWASS)-2
HLGU Shotgun Sports (HLGU)39
Iowa Central Tritons Sport Shooting (IOWACE)421
Iowa Western Shotgun Sports (IAWEST)410
James Madison University Clay Target Team (JMU)36
JU Shooting Team (JAX)220
Kansas State University Trap and Skeet (KSU)310
Liberty University Shooting Sports (LIBU)212
Lindenwood University Trap and Skeet (LU)135
Lyon College Shooting Club (LYON)35
Martin Methodist College Clay Target Team (MARTIN)218
Midland University Trap and Skeet (MID)123
Mississippi College Trap and Skeet (MC)35
Missouri University of Science and Technology Trap and Skeet (MUST)212
Mount Marty College Trap Shooting Team (MOUNTM)-1
MVC Shooting Sports (MVC)39
NDSU Trap Shooting Club (NDSU)39
Northeastern State University Trap and Skeet (NESU)-1
Northeastern University Trap and Skeet (N_EAST)35
Northwest College Trap and Skeet Club (N_WEST)-4
OSU Shotgun Sports Club (OSU)310
Pioneer Sportsman's Club at UW-P (UWPPSC)212
Pratt Community College Trap and Skeet (PRATT)48
Purdue University Trap and Skeet (PURDUE)310
Radford Skeet and Trap (RADFRD)310
Rams Clay Target Team (RAMS)310
Sam Houston State University Trap and Skeet (SHSU)38
SCC Blackhawks Sports Shooting (SCC)410
Schreiner University Shooting Sports (SU)129
SD State Shooting Sports Club (SDST)45
Shooting Sports at the University of Colorado (SSUCOL)212
Simpson College Shooting Sports Club (SIMPSO)36
SIUE Cougar Trap and Skeet Club (SIUE)45
Southwestern Community College Trap and Skeet (SWCC)48
Southwestern Oklahoma State University Trap & Skeet (SWOKSU)35
Stetson Skeet and Trap Club (STETSO)410
Tarleton State University Shotgun Sports (TARLE)122
Tech Trap and Skeet (TECH)310
Texas A&M Trap and Skeet Club (TAMU)125
Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi Trap and Skeet (TAMUCC)310
Texas A&M University-Galveston Trap and Skeet (TAMUG)-1
Texas State Trap and Skeet (TEXST)48
Texas Trap & Skeet (TEXAS)216
Trinity University Trap and Skeet (TU)35
UIW Trap & Skeet (UIW)-1
University of Alabama Clay Shooting Team (ALBAMA)117
University of Arizona Shotgun Team (UARIZ)310
University of Arkansas-Fayetteville Trap and Skeet (UARKF)39
University of Delaware Trap and Skeet Club (UDEL)35
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Trap and Skeet (UILTS)35
University of Kentucky Trap and Skeet (UKY)39
University of Louisiana-Lafayette Trap and Skeet (ULL)38
University of Maryland Clay Targets Team (UMARY)18
University of Missouri Trap and Skeet (MIZZOU)39
University of Tennessee Clay Target Team (UTENN)-3
University of the Ozarks Trap and Skeet (UOZARK)220
University of Virginia Trap and Skeet (UVA)39
University of Wyoming Shotgun Sports (UWYO)213
UVM Shooting Sports Club (UVM)310
Virginia Tech Clay Target (VT)212
Washington College Varsity Trap and Skeet (WASHCO)310
Westchester Community College Trap & Skeet (WESTCH)-1
Wichita State University Shooting Sports Club (WICHSU)36
WT Trap and Skeet Club (WT)35
Yale Skeet & Trap Team (YALE)38