Last Updated: 12:20 pm (8/19)

Clay Targets Program

Universities with Division and number of registered participants

Univ Name (Abbr) Division Number of Registered Participants
Arizona Christian University Shotgun Sports Team (ACU)12
Arizona State University Shooting Sports (ARIZST)118
Bridge Creek Clays South Georgia Youth Shooting Club (bridge)991
Concordia Trap and Skeet Team (CONCOR)117
Connors State College Shotgun Shooting Sports Club (CONSTC)17
CSU Shotgun Sports Club (COLOST)11
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Prescott Trap & Skeet (ERAUP)11
Emmanuel College Clay Target Team (EC)15
Fresno State Shooting Team (FRESNO)111
Grand View University Trap and Skeet (GRANDV)11
High School (hs)992
Independent School (INDEP)13
Kingsburg Trap Club (kinghs)992
Northeastern State University Trap and Skeet (NESU)11
Pima Community College Trap and Skeet (PIMACC)11
Prescott Bird Busters (prscot)995
St. Mary's High School Competitive Shooting Team (stmary)994
University of Arizona Shotgun Team (UARIZ)110
University of the Ozarks Trap and Skeet (UOZARK)11
University of Wyoming Shotgun Sports (UWYO)11
Yavapai College Trap and Skeet Team (YAVAPA)11